Wellness Wednesday: Is Fear So Bad?

Fear is this physiological response that we all have experienced when there may be potential danger. There are times, however, that fear dominates us so often that it keeps us from fully enjoying life. Fear is often viewed as a feeling that robs us from the life we desire by tearing us down to eventually turn us powerless.

But fear is an innate instinct. Fear can be healthy. Fear is something we work with rather than against. Fear invites us to grow. It encourages us to experience new situations, introduces us to new people and liberates us from the lack of momentum our life may have time to time. We may act out in fear and look back wishing we had made different action for a different outcome on a situation. When we learn that we can work with fear, we also learn that we have the powerful ability to observe our fear and make wiser decisions as we detach from such a strong emotional reaction. When our mind and soul are in alignment we create space within ourselves to take on a new experience of reality.

Overcoming a fear can seem like a big leap. Whatever it may be, it is essential to start small. When we confront a fear we have the ability to acknowledge and analyze our thought process, view the fear from multiple types of perspectives and then decide how we may act on our fear. The small dosage of adrenaline our body fires followed by a moment of calm can ensure that we are safe. As we continue to repeat this sequence we only gain confidence now that we learned we are never given more than we can handle. We learn that temporary discomfort is a small price to pay for the development of ourself and that fear really isn’t so bad.



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