Wellness Wednesday: Our Inner Child

As adults we are taught it is necessary to always act mature. We hide our lighthearted, playful sides and our work becomes dull. A spontaneous change in every day tasks may be the thing we need to free us from the all-seriousness life we live. If we continue to have a strict routine we are expected to live, we only become more numb as time goes on. We may forget the vibrancy that we can access at any time simply by becoming creative in our ordinary routine.

As we explore what spontaneous means to us, we transform what we once thought was mundane into experiencing life as if it was the first time just like a child. Letting the innocent part of us come out and play might be a way for us to feel the energy of our younger years as we also experience the notion of life in a pure way.

Consciously reminding ourselves of innocence we once had in our early years allows us to experience life fully with open arms. But as we grow older we acknowledge the problems of the world, we see the past as something negative. While we perceive these problems as negative, this negativity can impact the positivity in life. However a trip down memory lane ironically may be the thing we need to see that there is a wonder to everyday things. Connecting our inner child briefly here and there brings an uplift of interest to what we thought would never be lively again.



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