Wellness Wednesday: Your Daily Scan

Sometimes we may be so caught up in sensation, feeling and emotion we forget our physical body goes through great stress. As a reminder we must give our body the loving care it needs as it is a tool in which we experience life but so often we treat it with indifference and dislike.

A brief moment to take a body scan may be the thing we need to softly come back to earth. This brief moment can bring us to be sensitive to the sensations that arise in the body. We may notice aches, a shift in temperature, the subtle flow of breath in and out the nose. This scan can help us draw awareness to the areas where we feel “stuck”. Generally correlating to where energy is stuck. This can teach us something as it is believed the body never lies.

Any sensation that’s arises can be looked at as a piece of wisdom from the body. Any injury or discomfort can teach us to slow down and reflect what it is we need in order to create balance as a whole. The more we scan ourselves the more hypersensitive we are to imbalances that may be occuring in other aspects in our life other than physical.



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