Day: October 2, 2019

Wellness Wednesday: Coming Out From Hiding

I think it’s easy to isolate ourselves time to time. We may use the defense during our isolation phase that we are shy or lonesome when in reality we could be hiding due to underlying tensions we may be experiencing.

Most of the time we work through this isolation phase as we could simply be angry, upset, anxious about the life outside of our physical bodies. However if we do not pass these feelings, we may resort to bitterness. Bitterness creates space for us to become victims that we no longer have to continue the path of healing. When we acknowledge that it is okay to feel this way time to time, we can reconnect consciously with our hurt in constructive way and begin the process to work through it.

When we hide, we feel as if we are invisible as if no one can see the hurt we are experiencing when in reality we are only hiding from ourself. Each of us has a unique light we can share. When we dim our own natural light we also dim the glowing radiance of the universe. Stepping out from hiding is a way for us to serve ourself and those around us. Our light can energize ourselves and others in a synergistic harmony. Our ability to allow others to experience our light encourages other to do the same. This ripple effect benefits everyone to experience the deep potential warmth this universe holds.