Wellness Wednesday: The Seeds That You Plant

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but instead the seeds that you plant.”

Happy Wellness Wednesday, guys! This past weekend I was driving to my favorite coffee shop after teaching a 6am class only to stumble across this quote posted in front of a business as I was driving.

While at a red light I kept rereading it over and over. I could not help but think how important this message was to remember as we can become so overly goal-oriented. Today we often feel we must be the next bigger, better and best. Our fixation on this idea can make us feel that our current actions are not enough, leaving us feeling stuck.

During these times it is important we reevaluate in order to bring clear what it is that may or may not be keeping us feeling stuck. Sometimes we must find patience within to wait until the momentum of life increases again but often we acknowledge the stillness is coming from our own defenses and attachments. Once we can identify what it is that is making us feel stuck, we can make adjustments in order to harmonize back into life’s tune.

It is important we remember we are the final judge of what it is we need in order to heal. We must be compassionate and gentle towards ourself as we know everyone feels stuck at some point in their lives. Our ability to change our perspective on this situation by viewing it as a process rather than a problem that must be fixed can help keep the frustration aside and cultivate the space we need in order figure out what really is going on. We must look at the steps we have taken rather than our end goal.

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