Wellness Wednesday: Warmth in Intimacy

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends!

As we approach Thanksgiving we may feel inspired to internalize the warmth we receive from others and express gratitude. It may be the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of our own concepts of self love and self worth as we invest ourselves in time spent with others. Taking the time to internally reaffirm our concepts of self love and self worth can help guide us to more intimate connections in our lives. We must love ourselves first before we can descend into the love of others.

We may feel more drawn to reconnecting with those we have not seen in quite some time and create more meaningful exchanges. If we allow ourselves to be open and receptive it may surprise us the intimacy that builds from a reciprocating cycle of gratitude. It may be difficult at first to find ourselves in a state of gratitude as we experience external distractions of the ebbs and flow of life which may take away connections, opportunities and possessions from us we wish to attain. This contraction and expansion of life may leave our heart space depleted. Oddly enough, these kind of losses may actually evoke us into a state of gratitude. However we do not have to be shook to experience this deep sensation of gratitude. It may be as simple as immersing ourself into the concept of being open to adore the simplicity of life.

When we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable we develop rich, intimate connections. It can be anxiety-provoking to be vulnerable as we fear judgement or weakness. In reality, being vulnerable takes a lot of courage. It takes courage to really sit with our feelings, emotions and sensations. However creating barriers to protect our heart space can only wrongfully encourage us to push others away whereas softening these barriers can create enough space for people to move closer to us, allowing us to experience warmth.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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