Wellness Wednesdays: Back to Basics

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends!

As we move into the new decade we cannot help but hear everyone share their new year goals and perhaps how they may achieve it. I saw a common theme amongst the table conversations and social media posts that in order to achieve a goal, we must act aggressively towards it.

It can be a positive mindset, sure, but sometimes this mind set may cause us to become so mono-focused, distracted by comparison that we lose sight of the opportunities on the periphery of our vision. If we allow our self to stay receptive, we remind our self of the basic roots that ground us in which allows us to flourish as a whole to our desired goals. These basic roots are simply reminders to keep us feeling at an optimum-physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, socially, etc for the purpose of attaining what we yearn for. They are beautifully unique to each of us.

If we reflect back on our daily activity, we may notice how mindless we can become. It is almost like we are on autopilot. It can be overwhelming to drastically swap mindsets immediately. However we have our ability to practice with intention and balance as we must experience both ends of the spectrum to understand balance. We can reflect on our core values and build based off our broad foundation. So while our complex life may encourage us to become the next bigger, better, best, sometimes it may be necessary to take a moment to redirect our focus inward to cultivate the space we need in order to grow with the basics.



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