Wellness Wednesday: Teachings From The Sunshine

Happy Wellness Wednesday, sunshines!

“The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light”

-S. Anja

This week we have finally experienced sunshine after 11 days!

It’s easy to not recognize how much we benefit from something we may perceive so small. The continuous gloom we became engulfed by causes us to briefly lose sight of the light ahead. We become more irritable, depressed, lonely and moody. The warmth we receive from the sun not only soothes our physical body with our daily dose of vitamin D, but it helps to brighten our thought processes. The sun is a friendly reminder that despite the appearances and cirumstances, it is still remains shining despite our tendency to lose sight of it’s radiance.

When we remind ourselves that somewhere not too far away the light is shining, we can reassure ourself it is only a matter of time before it exposes itself yet again if we maintain patience. While our days may feel still, we can aknowledge on a bigger scale that the universe is in constant motion and so are we.

Our patience provides us the ability to observe and soften our barriers when time is ready to present itself in harmony with our internal energy. But when patience is not our mechanism, we can rely on our teachings from the sun to continue to find light in the smallest of cracks even in the midst of it’s most gloomiest phase.

Despite the cycles of gloom and light, we are reminded our light is never extinguished. Our light is something that is carried within us at all times despite all possible external circumstances. It may take time for us to truly believe we have this light, and that is okay. This light is what connects us to the most precious people we know and shows us proof that the light we seek will always be available internally whether we feel its radiance or not.



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