Wellness Wednesday: Pleasures in Presence

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends!

At some point we become so engrossed in our work environment that we isolate ourselves unintentionally to the people we experience pleasurable connections with. When we recognize this we may take the step back to reevaluate and incorporate these beings of light back into our daily life to remind ourself of the wholesome it brings us to have those we love in our inner circle.

When we socialize with people we care about we can experience pleasure from their presence. We create an atmosphere of comfort that allows us to feel a sense of gratitude and security when we are with people that truly see us. Listening to those we bring into our inner circle more than expressing our concerns of daily life may be the therapy we need in order to remember the joys of sharing our life with others.

Despite how simple it is to lose the effort it takes to maintain relationships, we realize the effort we make can be a great way to nurture our mental and emotional well being. We are reminded, whether these people stay or float in and out of our inner circle, we always have support of all levels. The various depths of support gives us the opportunity to be more confident in taking the positive risks in our life to initiate growth all while we enjoy the simple pleasure of presence.



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