Wellness Wednesdays: Intimacy in Touch

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends!

This past weekend our lovely teacher, Heather, hosted her thai massage workshop. Thai massage was always something I fell interested in learning but always strayed away from as these workshops tend to take place around Valentine’s day where intimate relationships among two people, specifically significant others, are a primary focus.

While the physical touch of massage and romantic intimacy do go hand in hand, it is not limited to only our significant others. Physical touch offers a platonic intimacy we can share with those round us and it becomes vitally important in healing as a whole. A hug, high five, a rub on the back can go a long way.

Small intimate moments of time spent with others are diminished today as we have transitioned from face to face conversations to screens. We may become so absorbed by our mental and emotion being that we forget the sense of being physically present is a factor in the healing process.

Physical touch allows us to access a part of ourselves that longs for a sense of unity with the world around us. We often view  massage as a luxury but it traditionally was an ancient form of healing that allows us to open our energetic pathways allowing us to understand this cycle concept of giving and receiving.

Receiving is a concept many of struggle to practice. We are taught at a young age to constantly be generous and give but we were never properly taught how to graciously receive. If anything a gift is often the source in which embarrassment and feelings of unworthiness unearth.

If we view a gift given in the sense of obligation, the energy shifts from something that shares to something that drains.
A gift given is a gift within itself.
We can share sincere appreciation and gratitude for another’s mindful effort. This cycle of giving and receiving nurtures and benefits all who are involved.