Wellness Wednesday: protecting your energy

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends!

Life presents itself with challenges we experience on a daily basis. The everyday sensory input we experience can sometimes become too great that our ability to filter thoughts, emotions and sensations diminishes. We may get down on our self that we are, “too sensitive” when in reality we are far from it. In reality, we are perceptive, empathetic and intuitive with insight that we can offer to those around us. Before we criticize our self and our sensitivity, we must remember we were never taught in school how to protect our own energy from the diversity that pulsates around us constantly.

We can reassure that it not unusual to become drained by the various stimuli we experience. We each emit an energy that can influence others but we decide how we may adapt or respond to such potency. There are some of us that can properly manage this by innate instinct, however, some of us may resort to defense mechanisms as well. Discovering what brings us inner ease becomes an important step in maintaining our unique balance.

There are a multitude of ways to protect our peace. It becomes a sacred practice when we discover our technique. This technique creates a layer so we can consciously regulate and preserve our being despite the external circumstances conducting around us. We find this layer becomes beneficial in times we have become immersed in potent energy too quickly. However, it is important we remind ourselves to avoid isolating ourselves to what we perceive as positive. The energy of laughter, smiles and genuine joy is something we may want to keep around.