Wellness Wednesday: Energy Revamp

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends!

While quarantine has been far from comfortable, our time in isolation may have brought us in awe in how quickly the world was to connect in other forms. Our desire for others to share mindful thought and quality time with our immediate ones has now been shown through action, giving us a sense of hope in humanity and new discovery in wholesome pastime.

I have never seen so many people walking together, playing frisbee, posting at-home workouts, writing quotes in chalk, sharing recipes and hyping up one another this past week. It has been humbling to see so many pick up old or new hobbies that includes the various forms of art. Perhaps this required lock down was what we needed in order to sweep the stagnant energy we once held for so long. During this time we have been challenged to occupy our day in ways we are not normally use to. We must put on our rose colored glasses we had from childhood and return to the activities we have gone so long without when we transitioned into our expected path of life.

As humans we have this tendency to become attached to routines, relationships, ideas, material, and so on. We naturally resist change but we come to realize and accept change is the only constant. It will come and go with or without our consent so for meantime in periods of distress, we must seek ease in the smallest of ways. When we experience change, we experience a shift in energy. A shift in energy may be painful at times, or it may surprise us that it may be liberating, allowing us to feel raw and fresh all at the same time. Underlying the discomfort we experience may be emerging excitement that we take the risk of unblocking the natural flow of energy within us.

As we cleanse and revamp the energy that once was stagnant within us, we may discover the “little things” that make us experience genuine joy. These little things may remind us of comforting memories we carried before our life became chronic chaos. Luckily these little things can be accessed to us at any time, and that is a promise made to us. We naturally want to share this joy with others. We learn it becomes infectiously contagious (no pun intended). This is something that can be carried on from this day forward, harmonizing our innermost self to our external world.

Stay safe and Namaste!


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