Meet the Teacher Krista S

Krista S has been with YBD for a few years & her classes are a Rockin’ good time (Read her answers to get the joke hehe) ✨✨

1. How did you find yoga: I found yoga on accident at a local gym after Zumba class. Immediately hooked. After trying many local yoga studios I found YBD within a year and never left.

2. What made you become a yoga teacher: I really wanted to deepen my practice but also wanted to bring the joy of yoga to others : )
3. Favorite yoga pose: It is still Warrior 2. I remember the first time I went in the pose and it felt like a religious experience. A bolt of energy flew through my body!
4. Who inspires you?: Too many to list, but I take Kyle regularly on Sundays in WS (she just has an amazing class where I can zen out). Also, I learn so much from the amazing Alex L. – he is always willing to help me and of course Andrea B. was and still is my yoga sculpt hero!
5. Tips: Try not to look around in class at what others are doing and focus on what you can do. It’s a practice and you’ll get there in time – just keep doing it and don’t push.  Find your edge!
6. Favorite quote: You are not IN the Universe – you ARE the universe.
7. How do I find you on social media: I’m only on twitter @kristasyrup

8. Interesting fact: I’m a geology professor at a local college for the past 18 years.  Want to talk about rocks?? Let’s talk!!  I’m also an astronomy enthusiast and run the telescope open viewings on select Friday nights at my college from spring-fall. Come out and stargaze with me.

9. When do we find you in the studio: Monday 9:30-10:30  HIIT Pilates Western Springs; Tuesday 4:30-5:30  HIIT Pilates and 6:00-7:00 Yoga Sculpt both in Western Springs.
10. When you are not yogaing what do you like to do?: Travel! And of course think about when I can do yoga next…
Picture is from Yosemite National Park0-1

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