Wellness Wednesday: Your Worlds Blended Under One Roof


Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends!

In a world where we have routines for nearly everything- waking up, our route to work, fitness regime, etc. it may feel odd to see it now all blend together under one roof and leave us in a disoriented mind set as we settle into quarantine. While staying home may ideally be a place of comfort, this blended routine may throw us off. We may have difficulty recentering if we forget about the care of our spiritual needs as we experience all the scattered energy we encounter from the various aspects of our life at once. We often will put our spiritual needs on the back burner. After all, taking care of this aspect of us does not necessarily pay the bills or directly keep our muscles toned. We may question who has time to meditate when there are more pressing needs that must be done. 

In attempt to nourish our spiritual needs during a moment of unexpected change to stay home, it is important we become receptive to the energy of our environment. Our living spaces can become nurturing homes for our bodies and souls when we confirm that our surroundings accurately reflect who we are as an individual. No matter how positive we maintain our inner world, if our living space is an energetic barrier, we will find it challenging to manifest what we desire. Putting effort to create a space into an outward expression of our inner warmth infuses the walls of our home with energy, our emotional sensitivity and sincere spirit in which will turn the space into a haven of affection. Once we acknowledge the harmonizing of our inner and outer worlds, we experience alignment.

Just recently I read a post made my a licensed therapist suggesting to view our home during this time in quarantine as multiple places in one. For example, viewing our kitchen as the coffee shop or cafe, our office as work, our bedroom for sleep. As simple as it sounds, this detachment to obtain simplicity may be what we need in order to cultivate mental space for our well being to thrive.   

It is essential we acknowledge what resonates with our innermost self in order to feel alive and nurtured by our home.  This can serve us well when our life suddenly takes an unexpected turn into a difficult period. Our unique routine grounds us in our body so that we remain anchored despite the coming days. 




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