Day: May 6, 2020

Wellness Wednesday: Igniting Past Passions

During our extra leisure time we may find ourselves unearthing our past passions that have reminded us how wholesome it feels to immerself ourselves in activity that requires us to be fully present.

We may have become so accustomed to our daily routine that we may have forgetten about what we truly love, causing us to self-sabotage. While our joys may not have been firmly rooted in front of us, this does not mean they no longer exist. Neglection of current obligations does not need to occur and neither does the neglection of commitments of what you love. When we initiate the energy to prioritize our interests, we cannot help but feel fed by the flames that origniated the sudden shift of enthusiasm. We can allow our enthusiasm to act as a catalyst for growth, embarking on towards a new adventure just outside of our realm of vision.

When we allow ourself to open up to new experiences or activities,, we ignite our innermost desires to explore the space we may intentionally or unintentionally created to grow. Our ability to become honest and vulnerable about our passions better connect us to the universe that suits us best. Seeking to participate in what brings us joy gives us the opportunity to infuse our life with fresh, innate alignment.



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