Wellness Wednesday: Evolving Beyond Repetition

Perhaps we each have come to a silent realization of a situation that occurs consistently in our life that we cannot help but feel pessimistic about. We may fall into the idea that become the innocent victim of a pure, ill-fated expedition because we find ourselves looking upon our life outcomes through inaccurate lenses fogged by our attachments to specific desires. We develop a thought process that may only serve to increase our feelings of being powerless when we experience such repetition. However, what these feelings and thoughts lack to do is change our circumstances and make us feel whole.

It is vital we can access a space where we have the ability to process the sensations that suddenly abrupt. We may fall into the self deception that things are fine when in reality we avoid to admit that we truly are not okay. It is important we become receptive to this thought process. While we may resort to think the repetitive cycle has no escape, we can begin to acknowledge there is much more we are capable of managing in the different aspects of our lives. Whether we decide to acknowledge them or not, our behaviors and choices are ultimately ours to hold.

Our past and present no longer have to prescribe our future when we choose to be aware. We become liberated to move into a space beyond our previous restrictions where we then have the ability to make new choices and act upon them accordingly as we access a new depth of detachment. With awareness, our paths prepare us forward in our lives as we continue to pave the way for new sense of thought and being. It is through awareness that we can continue to consciously evolve.



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