Wellness Wednesday: Humbling Observation

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends!

When we fully immerse ourselves into our surroundings we are better able to formulate our thoughts and feelings into words. We may attain a sense of wholesome pleasure from simply observing what is around us, exposing us to new depths of clarity and ebullience.

When we intentionally devote ourselves entirely, we begin to notice the exquisiteness in subtle, simple, detail as if time became timeless. The sensory stimulus we may otherwise have ignored now deeply saturate our senses to create wholesome memories we may hold close to us.

Our curious nature will always inspire us to question life. So while our thoughts may become diffused and spacey, we cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of deep appreciation that helps us to understand how our time as a physical being can contribute to the growth of our mind body when we are fully immersed in the moment. When we come to this realization, we experience the reality that has always been available to us as we liberate ourselves from restrictions in this timeless state.



Click HERE from your computer or open your YBD or Mindbody App for our Virtual Class Schedule

*Important Note-ALL Virtual Classes are listed under our Elmhurst location*

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