Wellness Wednesday: Honoring Yourself

I think we often come face to face with this idea that our best is never good enough. We may find the excuse that it is because “there’s always room for growth”. In all reality, however, we are always a student and we are exactly where we need to be.

We struggle to question who’s expectation of “good enough” we are truly attempting to fulfill. We may not fulfill someone else’s idea of the best, but the thankfully it is not our resposibility to satsify. It is important we detach ourselves from others and remain dedicated to attain our individual purpose.

Our mind has a tendency to flirt with the idea of being the best at everything aspect of our life. If we try to be the best, we run the risk of becoming lost to our originality because we are striving to fit into an idea of success that is not ours. In doing so, we lose out on the beauty of authenticity and diversity that inspires others.

When we give ourselves permission to release our perfectionist outlook, we learn to create a life free of regret when we choose to move to our own natural rhythm that is good enough for us. We experience a deep sense of gratitude despite what others perspectives have of our situation.



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