Meet the Teacher Angie C

Have you ever taken Angie C’s class? If you love a great flow, powerful intentions, & amazing music; Angie is your JAM! She is a woman wise beyond her years & with a soft powerful delivery she brings you to a place in your practice that allows you to see yourself as whole. Plus her Instagram game is on point! (hehe) give her a follow & find yourself in her class soon! *She has a day job in surgery but subs often & you can always find her in Glen Ellyn Sundays (worth the trip if you are not in the neighborhood). 
1. When & how did you come to yoga yourself?
As vulnerable this answer is, I know many others resort to yoga for the same reason. I suffered from severe depression, anxiety and an eating disorder the majority of my life. I had only ever known the feeling of constant anxiety until I took my first yoga class with our loved Lara when I was 14 years old and was introduced in a new light the actual feeling of being present for once while in savasana. Later on when I was in treatment and was exploring  yoga, my doctors would have me sit down and list the 7 attitudes of mindfulness before every appointment. I saw how my treatment and what was talked about in yoga align in harmony and found it be the best prescription I have ever received!
2. What made you decide to start teaching (or take TT)? 
I became a regular practicing yoga at a health club where many teachers were surprised to see someone so young take the practice seriously. They suggested I become a teacher but it was not until I found a teacher who’s style I loved and saw how much my practice had helped me in all aspects that I wanted to share what I learned to those around me.
3. Favorite yoga pose: Horizon lunge, because who doesn’t love a good hip opener?! And it’s a great transition posture to another favorite, half moon.
4. Who inspires your teaching?
Without a doubt, Jenny T. She teaches in a style I love to practice in. Her classes are dance-like which I admire with my gymnastics background but her classes also leave you questioning and laughing at how you ended up in one posture to the next so effortlessly because she teaches so simply! My students as well inspire me, reminding me the purpose of why I teach. I love to see them get lost in their practice, hear their breath, see their expressions, periods of rest and of course their stories after class! It reminds me why so many of us prioritize our time on our mat.
5. Tips for beginners (or advanced yogis maybe):
Do what feels good! almost daily I hear people become attached to the idea that they can’t do yoga because they’re not “good at it”. There is no such thing as “being good” at yoga! Each time we come to our mats we will feel different physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. Accept what is and move to what feels most healing to you in the moment. You will see if you take that on and off the mat, you will be much more content in life.
6. Favorite quote: 
“Seek to be whole, not perfect”
7. Instagram name:
@angelinanahata  <— Her car stories will make you laugh out loud & probably spit out your smoothie! Your jaw will drop when you see this lady lift! She is a Jill of all trades & funny funny funny! Give her a follow. 
8. Interesting fact about you:
I live the best of both worlds. During the day I am in the operating room, by night I’m in the yoga studio! I assist in a variety of surgery at a level 1 trauma hospital including neurosurgery and transplant!
9. When I am  not doing yoga I like to;
Weightlift but I’ll pass on the cardio💁 and explore all the cutest coffee shops! My favorites are Brewpoint in Elmhurst, My Half of The Sky in Wheaton and Sip of Hope in Logan Square! FB_IMG_1586963736858

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