Wellness Wednesday: Victim of Chitta Vritti

We each fall as victims to what Panjali referred to as the monkey chatter, chitta or simply put, the mind in constant motion. At times it can seem to physically feel like our head no longer can withstand the capacity for additional input.

We learn to tame this natural behavior through meditation. We often gain this misconception that in order to meditate, we must not think of anything when in reality we actually must invite the thoughts whether we percieve them good or bad. This gives us the opportunity to move beyond thought. Instead of attaching to thoughts, we become aware of thoughts rather than creating the origin of one. The difference is subtle, but truly significant.

When we are aware of our thoughts, we allow the eb and flow of our mind to occur without being taken by its potentially overwhelming tides. Our ability to concentrate with effortless effort allows us to slow down to a space of being where we can achieve inner peace.



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