Wellness Wednesday: Heart Over Head

At some point we each fall into the mindless momentum of daily life as a way to cope from the inconsistency our reality presents. While it may work temporarily, we will begin to notice how strong of barriers we had created on our inner self from our outer world.

It is important we remain receptive to the ebb and flow of life as we can never be exact what is to come. Most of us were born and raised to value our head over the heart. As a result, we place our own hearts below our heads in a sort of inner hierarchy of which we may not be conscious of. We are very physical people. We tend to listen and respond from the neck up, often leaving the rest of our bodies with little or no say in most matters. This is a physical habit, which sometimes feels as ingrained as the way we breathe or walk. However, with effort and awareness, we can shift the energy into our hearts, listening and responding from this much more resonant place.

Our brain thrives of structure and order of the world but we also need the wisdom of our own hearts if we wish to continue surviving at our fullest. When we listen from our heart, the rigid ness our brain holds then softens which enables us to perceive the interconnectedness beneath the order our brains create. We begin to understand that just as the heart underlies the brain, this interconnectedness underlies everything.



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