Mantra Monday: Finding the Power of Now with Atha Yoga Anushasanam

Good Morning, Yoga Community!

It is a forgone conclusion that, as you navigate your day, at some point, you will hear some comment to the effect of “ugh… Mondays, right?”

Songs have been written about it, coffee mugs have been devoted to it, and many a meme has been shared about it: there is a disdain for Mondays and it rings out loudly at the start of each week. In the presence of such cacophonous negativity, it is only natural to get sucked up in its current.

This is where your Yoga practice kicks in. While the commonly held belief might be that yoga is an activity that occurs for an hour each day, true Yogis understand that Yoga happens just as much off your mat as it does on it. And, as much as I am guilty of doing this myself, hating on Mondays is not a Yogic thing to do. Again, I am a repeat offender when it comes to heavily sighing when I wake up and remember its Monday. I have a mantra I like to use to help gently guide me back to a more peaceful train of thought:

Atha Yoga Anushasanam (Now begins the Yoga)

This simple quotation (pronounced ah-tah yoga ah-new shas-a-nahm) comes from the father of Yoga, Patanjali, and his Yoga Sutras. In fact, this is the sentiment that starts the whole text. Known as Sutra 1.1, Atha Yoga Anushasanam is a phrase which moves fluidly along with time itself. As long as it is now, the Yoga may begin. When it is Monday morning it is now just as it is now when it is Friday evening.

I know this sounds like a lofty aspiration, to always be following a Yogic path. But, simply noticing that you’re thinking something like “ugh… I hate Mondays” means that you are doing your Yoga!

So, remember the power of now and, next time you hear yourself letting out an “ugh” at the mention of the day of the week where we find ourselves today, notice it with non-judgement, move on from it, and tada! You’re truly living your Yoga practice!

Now go and have a great Monday!

Namaste Awesome!



Here is a neat example of the chanting of today’s mantra!

More information about how to continuing living your Yoga after you roll up your mat can be found here!

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