Wellness Wednesday: Our Time In A Fog

When we feel disarranged, unclear of the guidance we once had, we describe ourselves as being in a “fog”. It may be because we are limited to see what is immediately in front of us and we fear a toppling effect if we move too quickly. This is something I have observed those around me feeling, including myself during this uncertain time. It is almost as if we are stuck or on pause, feeling that we are unable to perform at our maximum potential.

Perhaps, though, the best choice is to quickly pause and assess our current situation. While it may be an involuntary choice, sometimes it take an obstacle like a fog to get us to stop our momentum and become fully immersed in the present moment. We may notice our source of fog in reality is actually from an emotional issue that needs tending. When we are in a fog, we cannot see outside of us but it is reminded we can always progress internally and encourage us to mindfully move forward with our actions. While our external world is limited, our internal world is expansive.

It is frustrating we cannot predict when shapes in front of us will become visible or when the fog will lift completely but for the meantime our ability to become receptive to guidance cues in stillness can rest assure clarity will slowly build until our heart feels ultimately liberated.



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