Mantra Monday: Om Ritam Namah and feeling validated in your wishes

As this crazy year wraps up, I can only imagine that kids are more eager than ever to write their letters to Santa Claus now more than ever. In fact, I can imagine every single one of us would love to write a letter and get some wishes granted: for stability, comfort, normalcy, the list goes on.

We are hard-wired to push back against our wishes and to try and “just roll with it.” And, in many cases, that’s fair. For instance, I really want an espresso machine, but I know that is not in the cards for me this year, and I am totally cool with that. That’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m speaking about are our deep rooted desires, ones we cannot leave beneath the tree.

This week’s mantra reminds us that these wishes are not only valid, they are natural:

Om Ritam Namah (pronounced om rih-tahm na-mah)

The translation of this mantra is my intentions and desires are directly connected and supported by universal intelligence.

In essence, this means that, since we are all connected and all synchronized, whether or not we realize it, what our hearts crave is tuned into what the world at large needs. This means, for instance, if you feel selfish for missing connection in this isolated time, thinking about how so many people have it worse, there is no need to feel guilt. You can miss more profoundly feeling linked in to those around you, since that desire is your slice of sharing that which the greater world around us desires.

By all means, stay humble and stay responsible, but remember this week’s mantra, and never feel the need to hit your internal mute button when your desires make their way into your stream of consciouness.

Namaste awesome!


PS: Unrelated note, if any of you want to buy me and espresso machine, shoot me a DM! 😉

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