Wellness Wednesday: End of the Year Grief

The end of the year can often amplify emotions we often store within ourselves, one particularly being grief; grief of losing someone or something that may or may not be physically here with us still at this time.

We may get frustrated at ourselves thinking that we have not already “moved on”. However, I do not think we “move on” from grief, instead we move forward with it. I think this is why grief comes in waves. ⁣

When we “move on” it says that the moments we shared with that person or something are just moments that we can leave behind us, should leave behind us. You will notice people talk about people who have passed in present tense. I do not think they talk in present tense because they are in denial or forgetful but because that person or thing is very much present to us. It is present in our continuous days because that someone or something have impacted us on some sort of level but we need each other to remind one another that grief is a multitasking emotion.⁣

We need to remember that a grieving person is going to laugh again and smile again but that does not mean they have “moved on”, instead they move forward with it.



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