Wellness Wednesday: Moving into Sacred Space

As our practice deepens, the more we acknowledge the connection between our mind and body. The condition of one affects the condition of the other. By understanding this concept, we can gently approach our needs appropriately.

When the body receives a clear directive from the mind, it knows exactly what to do but when our mind is overwhelmed we feel our muscles tense, our breath shortens, and we later find ourselves feeling constricted when it may become unbearable.

It is in these moments when we sit down to meditate, we let our bodies know that it is okay to slow, be still and rest. This simple validation presents itself as a sensation we can feel both physically and mentally. We discover that this space that has been created has no hard, definable edges. It is a vast, open, sacred space where we our tension we once experienced can now spread thin where we now have the ability to simply observe it without emotional attachment. It becomes sacred as it is a relief that only we can feel for ourselves and a safe space we feel cannot be judged except for ourself.



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