Wellness Wednesday: When Starting Over Is The Only Option

There will be days where starting over is the only option. It will feel like a step back, a lack of progress, even time wasted. We will question how we ended up in this state and begin to lose trust in ourselves because all along, we may have felt we had been growing and doing good but with these days we convince ourselves that we have not progressed and we are “bad” and ultimately lose trust in our intuition.

Essentially we are adopting this all or nothing, black and white mindset of what is good and what is bad and it is problematic. I do not want to suggest either that in our individualized state that we infinitely know what is wise and what is right because that wisdom we gain is an interconnected process as well as an embodied one.

The internal self is mysterious and it is something that we have trouble accessing sometimes. These days that seem to feel like starting over is the only option, may really be the best thing for us. It encourages us to mend to our wounds that may have been underlying the entire time.

Although we see it as this bad thing, we can explore how our defenses and coping mechanisms that we believe are causing our lack of progress may actually seem to be protecting us from what we were not ready to confront. Perhaps in giving this survival behavior the attention and energy, we could give our attention and energy it to the wound it is trying to help us deal with. We can ask ourselves what was there before our defense or coping mechanism was needed? We may find ourselves to feel unsupported, lonely, angry, depressed, etc. The more we explore it, the more confident we are to confront the pain and we will realize we do not need to have these defenses because our needs are now being met. in that moment we began again and understand that these days of starting over really is an opportunity to shed and realign.



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