Wellness Wednesday: Our Inner Guidance

Today holds a wealth of information and opportunities available to us. We may find ourselves torn between a variety of our interests, feeling enticed to try them all, but doing so only diffuses our energy, leaving us unable to fully experience any of them. Like an electrical socket with too many things plugged into it, we may be in danger of overheating and burning out. If we can choose one thing at a time to deliberately focus all of our attention, we increase our quality of used energy and engage ourselves fully in the moment so that it can nurture us in return.

So while our attention is pulled in multiple directions, we can take the time to listen to our inner guidance and focus our thoughts on the goals that resonate the most strongly within us, the rest of the world will fade away. We may never know which of our interests is best suited to our abilities and heart’s desires unless we give it a proper chance.

Because we are multi-faced beings, we are involved in many aspects of life in every moment. We can continue to fulfill our many interests by exploring hobbies that meet our physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a balanced harmony of self care.



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