Wellness Wednesday: When We Experience Depletion

When we feel depleted from our state of vibrancy, this does not mean that we are lazy or unfit for the tasks in our lives, it simply means that we need to recharge our batteries and find a way of maintaining our sustainability.

When we are experiencing depletion, we can take an honest look at our patterns of thought, actions and feeling. They may give us a hint to the what is misaligned with who we really are. However this exhaustion may not be caused internally. There may be people or situations in our life which may be draining our energy. Once we gain clarity on the root cause, we can better direct our flow of energy.

Later we may come to realize the reason we feel depleted has less to do with how much we are doing and more to do with the fact that in our heart, we would much rather be doing something else entirely different as the quality of our passions. Now that we have come to expose our deeper layers internally, we have the ability to acknowledge what our heart truly wants. It may be as subtle as meditation, or just a moment of inner silence to gain the clarity we need. When we know what we truly want to do, and honor that in all situations, we will find ourselves realigning to sustainability.



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