Month: September 2012

Western Springs Nears Completion!

Western Springs Nears Completion!

Construction is well under way at YBD’s new Western Springs location 4700 Gilbert Ave. Suite 16. We stopped by there this week and couldn’t believe how fast the contractors got the dry wall and paint up! Everything is on track and our second location is set to open October 15th! Feel free to take a drive by and take a look! All memberships, class packs and free weeks are transferable across both locations!

Jenni Antonicic YBD Teacher of The Month!

Yoga By Degrees is excited to celebrate  Jenni Antonicic, RYT as Teacher of the Month! Jenni came to Yoga through asana practice at her fitness center, and got hooked on the transformative powers of this multi-faceted discipline that continues to enrich her life. She completed her teacher training with Vinyasa master Rolf Gates in 2009 and has been looking forward to every teaching opportunity since. Jenni celebrates how Yoga teaches us how to cultivate and then wisely and skillfully apply our energy, whether towards improving our downward dog, or scattering joy to all beings. Her asana practice emphasizes anchoring to the breath (and our sense of humor!), building strength and stability as a foundation for flexibility and expression, and the self-illumination attained through brave and honest reflection. The wise words of Rolf Gates, to do “a little yoga a lot”, instead of a lot of yoga every now and then, catapulted her personal practice and has become the foundation of her advice for all students.   Breathe, Focus, Intention, Expression is her mantra.

Going into any class will be “no-sweat” after attending a YBD Beginner Workshop!

Sign up to attend a YBD Hot Yoga (80 Degrees) Beginner Workshop to to get a complete introduction to Yoga. If you are new to Yoga or would like to review the basics, sign up for the Hot Beginner Workshop and discover how Yoga can change and improve your life! During this introductory yoga workshop a certified Yoga By Degrees Teacher will introduce the principles, philosophy, poses, breathing and relaxation techniques of yoga.  Learn how to develop a safe and rewarding Yoga practice that works for you. Find out for yourself why so many people are drawn to Yoga, and explore the physical and mental benefits of this ancient art. You will also learn how to work with possible injuries you may have or how to avoid them. After participating in this workshop, you will discover all of the benefits of Yoga and you will feel comfortable going into any yoga class!

Chose from three Saturdays: 9/15, 10/13 or 11/10. Workshops take place at YBD’s Wheaton Studio from 11:30 A.M – 1:30 P.M. The cost is $40 or $30 for Monthly Auto Pay, Annual or Annual Plus members.  Our workshops are each limited to 40 participants.  Please call the studio (630-690-9642) to reserve your space today!