Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher Jenny T

Jenny T’s classes get you into a space where all that matters is you, your breath, & your mat. Join her in Wheaton (she subs a ton in Glen Ellyn too) for one of her beautifly sequenced classes that will have you floating out of the door. Jenny gives you space to challenge yourself; whether that is a difficult to master balancing pose or the ever difficult to master: space of peace & calm in your mind. Find yourself in her class & she will help you find yourself!
1. When & how did you come to yoga yourself?
I attended Arizona State University with the intention of teaching Dance and health in Physical Education. For my student teaching experience, they paired me with a mentor who created and implemented yoga curriculum to the Gilbert school district, Teresa Lake. I had never practiced before, and as a dancer, I didn’t really like it! But I had to begin teaching her classes! It didn’t take long before I fell in love with the practice and have been teaching and taking classes ever since. Eventually, I travelled to the Big Island of Hawaii to grow my practice and officially earned my 200 training certification.
2. Favorite yoga pose:
There are too many to count! I love starting my practice in a huge open supported fish, I love the continuous challenge of Ardhachandrasana (standing half moon), and most days I feel like I NEED a pigeon pose 🙂 
3. Who inspires your teaching?
The students! Gosh, our community is amazing. I love seeing students smiling on their mats and almost immediately seeing their stress melt away as they get centered on their mats. It makes me want to continually become a better instructor. 
4. Tips for beginners (or advanced yogis maybe):
Be gentle with yourself! One of the most beautiful things about the practice of yoga is there’s no pressure. No expectations. Show up on your mat and do what feels good no matter what that looks like on any given day. Be patient with the practice as not many leave on day one (or even day 200 for that matter) feeling like they know what they’re doing!
5. Favorite quote:
Ooh I have so many! One that I keep coming back to lately is from Etty Hittlesum, “Sometimes, the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take in between two breaths.”
6. Instagram name:  Jennylynneyogi  **Jenny loves outdoor yoga, give her a follow & follow along on her adventures!
7. Regular teaching schedule: Day/Time/Format/Location
Thursdays in Wheaton
YBD 2 95 @4:30
YBD 2 95 @ 6:00
Restorative @ 8:15
8. When I am  not doing yoga I like to;
Be doing anything outdoors! Walk, run, bike, even yoga outside! The sun makes my heart happy. 

Meet the Teacher Serafina B

If you want to get up & going on the weekend I suggest starting your Saturday with a Serafina class. She has solid consistent energy, super welcoming personality & a background that makes class challenging & SO. MUCH. FUN!
1. When & how did you come to yoga yourself? 
-When I was playing basketball In college, I would come home for breaks and wanted to do something to stay in shape other than my basketball trainer. YBD had just opened in Western Springs and my mom became obsessed with Yoga Sculpt. I didn’t think I would like it, I wasn’t too into Yoga. But the minute I felt the heat of the room and the love from the YBD community, I was hooked.
2. What made you decide to start teaching (or take TT)? 
-I had just graduated from college and was craving something to take the place of basketball. Carol asked me about Yoga Sculpt training and I jumped at the opportunity. 
3. Favorite yoga pose: 
-Crow- it takes balance, concentration, and patience. Hardest yoga pose? Shavasana- it is very hard for me to be still, turn my mind off, and breathe. 
4. Who inspires your teaching?
-My students. YBD has an amazing community of students who are unjudgemental, supportive, and full of love.
5. Tips for beginners (or advanced yogis maybe): 
-Learn to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable, it is challenging but it will take you to amazing places. 
6. Favorite quote:
-“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.And that is why I succeed.” 
7. Instagram name: serafina_barnes
8. Interesting fact about you: 
-I have played competitive basketball in Italy and Greece.
9. Regular teaching schedule: Day/Time/Format/Location: 
Saturday, 7:30, Western Springs
10. When I am  not doing yoga I like to: 
-Take any and all group fitness classes, chase around my toddler, and stare at my 5 month old till he gives me those amazing giggles. 

Meet the Teacher Jenny B (Jagatjeet Kaur)

Many of you know Jenny B (Jagatjeet Kaur) from her monthly sound healings. But finding out how she got there is a story all on it’s own. Read more to find out how your favorite sound healer became the amazing teacher she is today!

1. When & how did you come to yoga yourself?

I started practicing yoga 21 years ago after my doctor prescribed it to relieve my anxiety and panic disorder. I didn’t know what to think at first. I actually wanted to walk out of my first class. But then we chanted, and I was hooked.

2. What made you decide to start teaching (or take TT)?

I went back to practicing after the birth of my son, and the teacher asked if I ever wanted to become a yoga teacher. I answered yes. She said that training started on Monday. That Monday was my birthday. I took it as a sign. The rest is history.

3. Favorite yoga pose: Savasana

4. Who inspires your teaching? My son, Michael. He is my greatest teacher.

5. Tips for beginners (or advanced yogis maybe): Just show up and keep up.

6. Favorite quote: Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

7. Instagram name: jennyjagatjeet <—Jenny loves to post pictures of hearts she sees all around her, give her a follow & I bet love will start to follow you too! 

8. Interesting fact about you: I produced television for 15 years before teaching yoga and won two Emmys. <—I have worked with her for 6 years & never knew this!!

9. Regular teaching schedule: Tuesdays 1:30p Restorative Wheaton and the Monthly Sound Healings

10. When I am not doing yoga I like to; Isn’t everything we do yoga?😉

Meet the Teacher Andrea R!

Never heard of her? Formally known as Andrea B! 👰 (Congratulations to Andrea & Brad on your recent wedding!)

1) How did you find yoga?
I, like so many people started with a “free week” in Wheaton about 7 years ago. At the time I was focusing all my fitness energy on lifting and running. I took a couple of regular yoga classes, and then i tried sculpt with Fiona; and I was absolutely hooked! It’s taken time for me to be able to settle my mind and be able to practice vinyasa and even restorative, but sculpt was a love for the beginning!
2) When did you decide to to take Teacher Training?
I decided I wanted to start teaching because of Fiona. I was almost exclusively taking her classes, the workout was fun and effective and her energy just contagious. I wanted to make people feel how she made me feel when class was over.
3) What is your favorite yoga pose?
My favorite yoga pose is half moon. It was such a challenge for me to get over my ego and use props. That was the pose that it just clicked. Using props does not mean your yoga practice is less than the person next to you. I had a teacher put a block under my hand in half moon and my alignment completely changed. The block improved my pose, it wasn’t a crutch, it was a tool.
4) Who inspires you?
A lot of my fitness inspiration comes from my mom. She’s been in a wheelchair since she was 14, yet nothing holds her back. She is at the gym 5+ days a week always getting it done. Anyone working hard, working out of their comfort zone to change their life and their body inspires me. So many of my students inspire me as well, watching someone take their first class and then stick with it for months and seeing how their energy and lives have changed; the transformation is beyond inspiring.
5) Try new classes! Try ALL the classes! I had no intention when I first started at ybd of taking restorative or regularly practicing yoga. But i am so so glad I forced myself to do it. There is something to be learned and gained from every single format. Try new teachers too, we have such an amazing community and everyone has something different to offer.
6) Favorite quote:
“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” Shakespeare
7) How do we find you on social media?
8) I’m married, to a man that’s never done yoga haha
9) Monday 9:00 DG sculpt
    Tuesday 6am fusion DG
                   930 sculpt Elmhurst
   Wednesday 8 sculpt WS
                       930 fusion WS
                       430 sculpt GE
                       615pm sculpt Wheaton
 Thursday 6am fusion WS
                  930am sculpt WS
                  430 Hiit Pilates GE
                  715 Hiit Pilates Wheaton
Friday 9am dg sculpt
           12pm Hiit Pilates WS
Saturday 9am Sculpt Wheaton
10) When I’m not doing yoga I like to spend time with my HUSBAND, family and friends. We like to go out to eat, we play a lot of games, and we watch way too much Netflix! I’m a summer person so when it’s cold, you’ll find me hiding inside, but come summer you can’t keep me in! image0

Meet the Teacher Hillary P!

You will always leave Hillary’s classes with a smile on your face! She is such a knowledgeable leader & born teacher. Restorative, flow, or YBD Sculpt you’re in for a giggle & a great class.
1. When & how did you come to yoga yourself?  – About 10 years ago, my best friend took me to a hot yoga class and I never looked back! 
2. What made you decide to start teaching (or take TT)? I have never been particularly athletic, graceful, or coordinated! But when I started to practice yoga, I started to feel STRONG. I felt better physically and mentally. My anxiety started to decrease and my confidence started to grow. I fell in love with the practice and I wanted to share that with others, so I decided to be come a yoga teacher.
3. Favorite yoga pose: half moon and crow pose
4. Who inspires your teaching? Everyone and everything from other yoga teachers and my students to my dog.
5. Tips for beginners (or advanced yogis maybe): Yoga is for every BODY. You don’t have to look like you could be on the cover of Yoga Journal to do yoga! Keep practicing. When I first started yoga, I was afraid and full of self doubt. In  fact, I cam remember in one of my first yoga classes, I was afraid to rock side to side in happy baby because I was afraid I would roll out and not be able to come back! I didn’t think I could “do yoga” because I  was unable to touch my toes. Despite the fear and the limitations I felt I had, I kept going and I am so much better for it. Yoga is such a personal, beautiful practice. When you practice, you give yourself permission to be your most authentic self. A self that continues to grow, explore, and come back time and time again despite the challenges we face on and off our mats.
6. Favorite quote: “And this above all, to thine own self be true.” Shakespeare
7. Instagram name: Yoga_Love_Hillary  <—-Check out her cute dog & megawatt smile! 
8. Interesting fact about you: I am a vegetarian! I got married on my birthday. I used to perform improv comedy. <—-See you are guaranteed a giggle in her class!!
9. Regular teaching schedule: Day/Time/Format/Location – Saturdays, 9:00 Sculpt and 10:15 Level 1 – Downers Grove
10. When I am  not doing yoga I like to – read, take walks, cuddle with my dog, make jewelry, shop, see movies, bake

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Meet the Teacher Heather B

With Heather’s fitness background yoga was always the next step, but she never knew just how much yoga was going to enhance her connections to herself & those around her once she took the leap to Yoga Teacher.
1. When & how did you come to yoga yourself?  As a Fitness Instructor I first came to Yoga in 2008 when I took a very basic Yoga/Pilates fusion type training.  I began teaching that class and was really drawn to the Yoga side of it.  It wasn’t until about 2014 that I took my first in-studio Yoga class and fell in love.  I knew shortly after that I wanted to complete 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.  I put training off for a few years,  mostly because I wanted to ensure I had the time to fully commit, but the more I put training off the stronger my desire to complete training became.  I had the privilege of completing teacher training through YBD in 2019.
2. What made you decide to start teaching (or take TT)?  I wanted to share my love of Yoga with others.  I love the physical practice of Yoga.  I love the spiritual connection I find when I practice.  I love stepping into a hot studio.  I love the feeling I have once we land in Savasana at the end of class. I love being with like minded Yogi’s as we practice together.   I wanted to share that passion with others.  I didn’t know much about the background or philosophy of Yoga.  I was eager to dive in and learn more.   That’s what made me desire to take teacher training and teach Yoga.
3. Favorite yoga pose:  Ooh! I have so many – but for today I’ll go with Fallen Triangle.  It makes me feel open, light and strong.
4. Who inspires your teaching? My students as well as my teachers both inspire my teaching.  My teachers because I always learn something new from every class that I take.  I am grateful for their guidance, wisdom and willingness to share with their students.   I am forever a student of Yoga.


As a teacher, it is inspiring to witness students moving through their practice at all levels.  It is an honor and privilege to guide students through their practice.  I am grateful every time I teach any class that I teach.  
5. Tips for beginners (or advanced yogis maybe): Know your body – acknowledge what it wants and what it needs.  Know that it can vary day to day and respect what it asks of you.
6. Favorite quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Maya Angelou
7. Interesting fact about you: I LOVE coffee  – A day with Yoga, a good book and a coconut milk latte is a perfect day to me!
8. When I am  not doing yoga I like to; Read – I enjoy reading all kinds of books… mysteries, anything Brene Brown lately, really anything that sounds interesting to me.

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Meet the Teacher Amanda R!

Amanda is a triple threat; Yoga Teacher, Actor, English Equestrian Rider!  Plus she is wicked funny, absolutely humble & her smile lights up a room.


1. When & how did you come to yoga yourself?
Vulnerable answer, but I’m an open book and I know many others go through the same thing- I suffered greatly from depression and anxiety. I slept an average 4 hours a night from the time I was 15 to 20. I found yoga at 19, and from there understood the mind/body connection and have been hooked ever since. I try not to go more than 2  days without practicing.
2. What made you decide to start teaching (or take TT)?
Haha that would be because of Meghan Rohde. I never considered it, and didn’t think I would be any good to be honest. Meghan is an unbelievable, poetic teacher, for those who know and have taken her class. She once approached me when I was an SA and said “Amanda of anyone I know you should be teaching..” I flat out said no! But if anything I just had to let the idea digest, and I came to the conclusion that if one of my favorite instructors saw potential in me, then I should give it a shot. I’m indebted to her, and humbled that she initially approached me. Acting is my first love, but teaching in a way is like performing. And I adore yoga. Saved my life.
3. Favorite yoga pose: 
This is hard cause there are so many different kinds but I will have to say warrior 2. It’s in incredibly strong, fierce pose but it’s also so grounding.
4. Who inspires your teaching?
I feel this pertains to which teachers inspire me? Meghan Rohde, she’s honestly for me like a little yogi Shakespeare, her cues are poetry. Stacey Z, her vulnerability, her freeing sequences, fearless cueing, her music. Loreta. Her humor, her love, her stories, her thoughtful sequences. Lara Divine. Her intuition and fierce love for her students. I mean everyone is so so good and we all inspire each other I someway. I feel this is just a handful of teachers that inspire me. I love you all 🙂
5. Tips for beginners (or advanced yogis maybe):
No stress! Yoga is not about being an instagram model! This is about connecting with your body and the essence of self. It’s about persistence. Growth doesn’t come without. The more you consistently show up on your mat the more you’ll grow, and you’ll notice these changes over time.
6. Favorite quote: 
“I believe you stop learning when you’re dead.”
Jack Nicholson
7. Instagram name:
_theamandarhodes_  **Follow this woman, she does not disappoint with that big smile & fun attitude, bonus Beau makes a lot of furry appearances!**
8. Interesting fact about you:
Most my students know I’m an actor, but long before I that and yoga I started off as an English equestrian rider, even competed in a few events. Hunter-jumper is my specialty, I still ride when I can.
9. Regular teaching schedule: Day/Time/Format/Location
Tuesday’s/Thursdays in Glen Ellyn:
6pm level 2
7:30 restore
Thursday mornings in Elmhurst:
6am level 2
8:30 am level 1
Saturday mornings/afternoon in Wheaton:
10:30 am restore
12pm level 2 75 min
10. When I am  not doing yoga I like to;
Cuddle with my doggo, Beau! Create with my actor-artist friends, spend time with family, friends, horseback ride 🙂

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Meet the Teacher Cynthia P!


Our lovely Cynthia leads an amazing class no matter the format, she does it all with knowledge & grace!  Plus she is an animal lover that will always ask how your four legged furry friend is doing & share pics of her sweet Beau.
1. When did you find yoga?
I played with some yoga off & on for a year or so. I wanted to learn more about it & had the opportunity to do so after teaching preschool for years. I needed it! My kids were getting older & I knew the empty nest was coming & that it would make me sad. I needed something for me & it was yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️
2. What made you decide to take Teacher Training?
I practiced & really didn’t know the poses or names of anything. I was pretty much a beginner. I wanted to learn all I could about yoga so I signed up for TT & never looked back.
3. My favorite pose changes all the time. My shoulders are always tight & sore. I played tennis since I was little & played in college. I love forward fold with a bind or humble warrior. It’s a great shoulder stretch & releases a lot of tension.
4. Who inspires you Cynthia?
Everyone I meet inspires my teaching. I’m always a student first & I learn something from every class I take. I make yoga accessible to everyone. Everyone is welcome in my classes. I’m not fancy or super bendy so I offer lots of options to my students.
5. As far as tips for beginners…..just show up for class. All you have to do is come to a class!! There is a type of yoga for everybody and every body.
6. My all time favorite quote us “That which you manifest is before you.” Your thoughts, feelings & energy attract that same energy. You really are what you think & feel.
7. I have 2 instagrams: morelpence & mind_body_spirit_by_cynthia <—Give her a follow
8. I’m a vegetarian & a huge animal lover.
9. I teach at YBD Naperville on Monday at 4:30, Wednesday at 4:30 and Saturday 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00.

10. Spend time with my family, travel & hang with Beau my golden doodle ♥️

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Meet the Teacher Krista S

Krista S has been with YBD for a few years & her classes are a Rockin’ good time (Read her answers to get the joke hehe) ✨✨

1. How did you find yoga: I found yoga on accident at a local gym after Zumba class. Immediately hooked. After trying many local yoga studios I found YBD within a year and never left.

2. What made you become a yoga teacher: I really wanted to deepen my practice but also wanted to bring the joy of yoga to others : )
3. Favorite yoga pose: It is still Warrior 2. I remember the first time I went in the pose and it felt like a religious experience. A bolt of energy flew through my body!
4. Who inspires you?: Too many to list, but I take Kyle regularly on Sundays in WS (she just has an amazing class where I can zen out). Also, I learn so much from the amazing Alex L. – he is always willing to help me and of course Andrea B. was and still is my yoga sculpt hero!
5. Tips: Try not to look around in class at what others are doing and focus on what you can do. It’s a practice and you’ll get there in time – just keep doing it and don’t push.  Find your edge!
6. Favorite quote: You are not IN the Universe – you ARE the universe.
7. How do I find you on social media: I’m only on twitter @kristasyrup

8. Interesting fact: I’m a geology professor at a local college for the past 18 years.  Want to talk about rocks?? Let’s talk!!  I’m also an astronomy enthusiast and run the telescope open viewings on select Friday nights at my college from spring-fall. Come out and stargaze with me.

9. When do we find you in the studio: Monday 9:30-10:30  HIIT Pilates Western Springs; Tuesday 4:30-5:30  HIIT Pilates and 6:00-7:00 Yoga Sculpt both in Western Springs.
10. When you are not yogaing what do you like to do?: Travel! And of course think about when I can do yoga next…
Picture is from Yosemite National Park0-1