Wellness Wednesday : Power In Saying “No”

When our focus is largely external, it becomes difficult to determine where our world begins and ends when our inner and outer worlds often infuse. It becomes important to acknowledge a boundary must be set despite how much we adore the idea of being soft and overly resilient to our outer world. We must be confident knowing we are in control of how we respond to the world. 

We begin to learn the validity of saying, “no” and that saying yes when we want to say no can only lead to resentment. Fear can challenge us when we decide to set boundaries. We may worry that saying no will be seen as lazy or passive but to do so requires a great amount of awareness and presence. When we are nonjudgementally aware of our own needs and build the appropriate boundaries, we become better able to compassionately handle the emotional needs of others, becoming strong yet soft. 

But setting boundaries can require practice just like anything else in life. We may have difficulty accepting where our limits are or may feel sensitive to how people react when we present a new boundary. Once we establish what our limits are, it becomes comforting knowing how much freedom we truly possess.



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