YBD 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Hour Teacher Training FAQ’s

Yoga by Degrees 200 Hour Yoga by Degrees Teacher Training FAQ’s

1. Are all of the “Requirements” as follows, completed outside of the teacher training class times?:  Elective Off Site Yoga Workshops , Paid Yoga Classes, YBD Paid Workshops, 12 Hour Anatomy Workshop, Teach Two Community Classes and Observing and Assisting Reports.

Yes, this is correct. However the Anatomy training is two or three days and is conducted “in house”.

2. Does my tuition include the required “YBD paid yoga classes and YBD paid workshop and Anatomy” requirements?

No. This is an additional cost. The best value to meet the YBD class requirement is to sign up for a  Platinum Annual Membership (50% of $1199) for $600 (must be paid in full) or a Platinum Monthly Membership at the teacher trainee rate (50% off of $119) of $59.50 a month for each month of teacher training. YBD workshops are only $20 for Platinum Members, (Reg. $40) so you have that benefit as well. The Anatomy training is included in your tuition cost.

3. Is the entire teacher training program done in the heat? If so, what degree?

No. The training is done in regular room temperature.

4. Is the $250 Deposit To Reserve Space in addition to my tuition?

No. The $250 deposit is deducted from what you owe for tuition. Also, if you sign up for Platinum Membership which includes unlimited yoga for $59.50 for each month of training (which most students do because it’s the most economical and you can take classes anytime) you will receive 10% off the total amount of $3000. Therefore, if you become a Platinum Member, your total tuition would be $2750.

5. To meet the 10 YBD Class Requirement, does this mean that we do additional classes outside of the teacher training in order to complete the program?

Yes, at any YBD studio

6.  Does graduating from the YBD teacher training programs guarantee me a teaching position at YBD?

While we can not guarantee a teaching position at Yoga by Degrees, while making hiring decisions we do consider our graduates over candidates from other training programs since we teach our trainees in accordance with how we prefer our classes be taught. Because we offer dozens of classes a week at all of our locations, we do have a lot of opportunities for teachers.  Therefore, a successful audition, does often turns in to a teaching offer for our graduates.

7.  I see your program is “200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified” what does that mean?

Yoga Alliance is a national credentialing organization for the yoga community, Yoga Alliance provides a set of educational standards for yoga schools, including Yoga by Degrees, that specify hours or study in certain Educational Categories. Their goal is to ensure schools provide adequate training to yoga teachers, enabling them to teach safely and competently.  Most places that employ yoga teachers require them to be at least 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified in order to teach at their facility. Our graduates have been employed not just by YBD but at other studios and facilities that offer yoga classes and programs.

Still have questions?  We’d be happy to answer them!  Email: Meghan@yogabydegrees.net

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