Day: October 9, 2019

Wellness Wednesday: Celebrating Your Happiness

Happy Wellness Wednesday, everyone!

This past week I had the great surprise to see our instructor, Pamela. Pamela has always been one to remind me the importance of getting excited about our littlest victories in life. She brings such a warm presence into a room, inspiring others to do the same.

Taking pride in our victories can seem like a tough pill to swallow. We may not feel as interesting, successful or important enough to people we may compare ourselves to. We can easily get swept up along in this mindset. Without acknowledging this we may lash our feelings out on others immediately or store our emotional hurt inside of our physical bodies as a way to suppress what we are actually feeling. It seems much easier to avoid our emotions than to actual deal with them so for a brief moment we may turn to other pleasures in hope to find ease, better known as numbing. Denying what we feel may burglarize us of the valuable information about our self that we may need in order to heal and create balance within our life.

Continuing to numb ourselves to the yin and yang of life can have us settle for a monotone world of grey. Our experiences become more dull and we become less content with our life’s path. This goes the same with positive emotions. Suppressing our happiness can be just as unhealthy as suppressing our sadness.  Taking a moment to express our innermost joy can give us the space to live vividly, reminding us the excitement life contains. As soon we can identify what brings us joy we expand our warmth to others as well.